Exciting news for all our dedicated HR professionals, leaders with staff development responsibilities, and Learning & Development advisors!
As part of our commitment to fostering continuous growth and excellence within our workforce, we are now introducing the Staff Development Programme – a training programme for those who are responsible for staff development activities. Staff development lies at the heart of the organization’s success, and this module is designed to empower you with the latest methodologies, tools, and strategies essential for nurturing the professional growth of professional service staff.


1. What is YUFE offering for staff members?

The YUFE Alliance is based on the joint vision of ten young research-intensive universities and two non-academic partners in order to contribute to a more competitive, innovative and united Europe addressing European and global challenges.
The YUFE Alliance strives to support and develop all staff members with regard to their knowledge, skills and talents. YUFE develops a variety of programmes aiming at different staff groups to facilitate:

  1. Building and fostering a professional and personal networks within the YUFE Alliance and beyond
  2. Improvement of transferable and practicable skills
  3. Exchange of experience and good practices among YUFE partners
  4. Familiarity with working in a different national context in terms of culture, rules and regulations


2. What is the Staff Development Programme?

In this specific programme, you will learn about staff development methods, tools and strategies. Staff development can be defined as the processes and activities designed to increase the professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes of staff members, with a focus on professional service staff. You will exchange good practices in the area of staff development at the YUFE partner universities. It is a great opportunity to connect, to learn from other institutions and colleagues, and to grow as a professional.

This programme starts in October 2024 and runs until April 2025. There will be four online sessions and two on-site training activities at Maastricht University and the University of Rijeka (travelling required). Networking is not only suggested – it is encouraged. Forge connections that last far beyond the programme itself. There are two seats per university available.


3. Who is it for?

The programme is for HR personnel who are involved in organizing training, coaching and other activities for staff development. We also invite you to apply if you are a leader/ advisor involved in staff development for your faculty/ institute, a Learning & Development advisor or if you are professional service staff and want to broaden your scope to staff development.


4. The programme content

The Staff Development Programme will be structured as follows:


4.1 Introduction session
Date & time 21 October 2024; 12:00 – 14:00 CET
Duration 2 hours
Format Online
Facilitator Petra Suurmond (Maastricht University) & Dr. Julia Sievers (University of Bremen)
  • Welcome to the programme
  • Introduction to YUFE and the YUFE Staff Development Policy
  • Introduction to the Employee Experience & Journey


4.2 Digitalisation
Trends in digital learning and how to incorporate them in your organisation
Date & time 14 November 2024; 10:00 – 12:00 CET
Duration 2 hours
Format Online
Facilitator Petra Suurmond (Maastricht University) & Michael Hespe (Good Habitz)
  • Different forms of digital learning
  • Integration of online and offline learning
  • Practical tips & tricks to integrate digital learning in the organisation


4.3 On-site sessions at the University of Maastricht
Peer-to-peer exchange
Date & time 26 November 2024
Duration 1 day
Format On-site meeting at the University of Maastricht
Facilitator Charlotte Simmat (University of Bremen)
Content Peer-to-peer exchange: Sharing information on the staff development processes at your university
The onboarding process
Date & time 27 November 2024
Duration 1 day
Format On-site meeting at the University of Maastricht
Facilitator Petra Suurmond (Maastricht University) & UMIO
Content The onboarding process: How to create a positive onboarding for new hires. What do you need to think about and how do you bring this process to practices?
Staff Development & Personal Learning
Date & time 28 November 2024
Duration 1 day
Format On-site meeting at the University of Maastricht
Facilitator Piotr & Klaudia Głowicki (GLOW Training Company)
Content In what way do people learn and how can you transfer this knowledge into a staff development programme?

  • Mechanisms and methods of learning
  • Perception and individual conditions
  • Collaborative learning
  • Learning methods – How do we learn?
  • University staff needs
4.4 Artificial Intelligence
HR technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Date & time 24 January 2025 (9:30 – 11:00 CET)
Duration 1,5 hours
Format Online
Facilitator Katja Vincetić
Content How to involve HR technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in staff development (practical aspects & ethics)

In this session, we will focus on how HR technology can support and streamline people development processes. We will cover topics like:

  • Do we need HR technology at all, and how to start?
  • Benefits of digitizing HR processes and insights we can get
  • Impact of technology and AI on the employee experience


4.5 Open, transparent and merit-based recruitment
Staff Development & OTM-R
Date & time 28 February 2025 (exact time tba)
Duration 2 hours
Format Online
Facilitator Marjolijn De Clercq (University of Antwerp)
Content Open, transparent and merit-based recruitment (OTM-R) processes: Breaking the one-size-fits-all approach for recruitment and selection training

We take a close look at different approaches to learning and development about OTM-R. The University of Antwerp has developed a webinar, toolbox and face-to-face training about recruitment and selection, because a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for employee development. How can we nudge and train employees to invest in better recruitment and selection practices?


4.6 On-site sessions at the University of Rijeka:
Performance Review & Feedback
Date & time 2 April 2025
Duration 1 day
Format On-site meeting at the University of Rijeka
Facilitator TBA
Content Peer-to-peer exchange: How to do good appraisal discussions


Diversity & Inclusivity in Staff Development
Date & time 3 April 2025
Duration 1 day
Format On-site meeting at the University of Rijeka
Facilitator TBA
Content Reflection of how we can integrate Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity aspects into the staff development activities at our universities


5. How to apply

There are two seats available for each YUFE university. Your own university selects those two participants. Selected participants will be informed about the decision by the end of June 2024. To apply, you have to take two steps:

  1. Apply for the programme via the YUFE Virtual Campus: //virtualcampus.yufe.eu/p/programme/76561193665439600
    1. You need to create a user account in the Virtual Campus, if you do not already have one. Once you have created an account, you can apply. If you face technical problems, please contact Charlotte Simmat (simmat@vw.uni-bremen.de).
  2. Submit a short motivation statement to your university’s contact person (see contact list below). The statement should include:
    1. Your name, department/ faculty, and position
    2. What kind of staff development duties and tasks are connected to your position?
    3. What challenges do you face concerning staff development and how could you benefit from this programme?


Application deadline: 16 June 2024

Local contact persons:


For travel and accommodation expenses please check with your university’s Erasmus coordinator, if you are eligible for Erasmus Staff Mobility funding.


Further information

Contact your local YUFE contact person (see list above), if you have any additional questions or need further information.