Citizens & Cities

Experience Europe and co-create the future


Experience Europe right at your doorstep and co-create the future of both your region and Europe.

YUFE will build strong university-citizen communities that will address your needs. YUFE students will offer help and support while they are in your city, so do not hesitate to call on them.

What opportunities are available to me?


Online support

You can register through the YUFE Virtual Campus to meet YUFE members in your area. Do you need free advice with your service contract or setting up your mail account? We can help! YUFE volunteers will give support and advice based on their knowledge and background.

Community Volunteer

Receive support in learning a language, support for young children or senior citizens in using new technologies or simply much needed company for the elderly. YUFE volunteers are here to help you out.



A local and international job and recruitment service for both permanent positions and shorter assignments and secondments will be available for all YUFE employees. Want to broaden your horizon and move permanently or temporarily to another country? This is your chance!