The YUFE Virtual Campus is a unique and interactive virtual environment that contains information for all YUFE community members. It functions as the interactive red thread of our Alliance, bringing together all YUFE activities in a personalised digital environment.

Whilst we are working very hard on developing the other portals, we are pleased to present to you the YUFE Student Portal already through the link below.

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YUFE Management

Office (MO)

YUFE Management

Office (MO)

The YUFE Management Office (MO) coordinates the overall efforts of the YUFE Alliance.
Contact the YUFE MO through

The YUFO MO consists of:

  • Dr Daniela Trani, YUFE Director
  • Ms Lieke Bos, YUFE Project Coordinator
  • Ms Magdalena Kohl, YUFE Junior Policy Advisor
  • Ms Stefanie Hollanders, YUFE Secretariat
  • Ms Marleen van Minnen, YUFE Secretariat



The YUFE Institutional Coordinators are:

  • Ms Veronique Eurlings, Maastricht University @
  • Mr Karol Mojkowski, Nicolaus Copernicus University @
  • Ms Ana Acebrón Rodicio, Universidad Carlos III De Madrid @
  • Ms Joëlle Pletinckx, University of Antwerp @
  • Dr Sarah Wilewski, University of Bremen @
  • Dr Anastasia Constantinou, University of Cyprus @
  • Ms Kirsi Bykachev, University of Eastern Finland @
  • Dr Nadine Rossol, University of Essex
  • Mr Aleksandar Šušnjar, University of Rijeka @
  • Ms Francesca Dominici, Tor Vergata University of Rome@
  • Dr Arum Perwitasari, ETS Global @
  • Mr Stefan Moritz, European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME
  • Dr Renata Suter, Kiron Open Higher Education gGmbH
  • Ms Laure Joachim, The Adecco Group

 Contact Points

For specific questions please contact:

  • YUFE Admission @
  • YUFE Staff @