Participate in Europe-wide career opportunities tailored to your needs


Learn, travel and work across the YUFE Alliance, and enhance your career chances. Whether you are an academic or administrative staff member, you can create your own YUFE Career Track.


Based on the YUFE Recruitment Policy and the YUFE Staff Development Policy, the alliance is fully committed to enhance your individual career path with unique opportunities, be it mobility, training or your step on to the next career level. We place a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusivity.


 Experience professional (virtual) mobility

A short or long-term (virtual) training, visit or secondment at any of the YUFE institutions and partners to expand your horizons, further develop your expertise and learn new skills.

 Find new professional opportunities

The YUFE job portal offers you the possibility to search for local and international job openings for both permanent positions and shorter assignments and secondments. Want to broaden your horizon and move permanently or temporarily to another country? This is your chance!

 Ready for more knowledge?

Join the annual YUFE Academy to share and exchange knowledge and best practices and to get inspiration for your research work.

Mobility & Training

Mobility & Training within YUFE is an essential part of the Staff Journey, for both academic and non-academic staff. It opens up the whole YUFE European campus to any staff member, regardless of their current position and experience level. Through intense staff interaction, our Alliance stimulates collaboration and mutual learning among the universities and their local/national ecosystems. Short staff visits and long-term affiliations will be instrumental in developing the integration that is needed to one day achieve the vision of one YUFE European University with ten branches across Europe.

YUFE Staff Programme

The YUFE Staff Programme offers mobility and training opportunities for staff members of all universities within the YUFE Alliance.

Training sessions may consist of teaching activities (for academic staff) or training activities such as job shadowing, professional development courses and specific competence-building trainings for all staff groups.

The activities should fit to individual staff development needs at all career levels and facilitate:

  • building and fostering a professional and personal network within the YUFE Alliance and beyond
  • improvement of transferable and practicable skills relevant for current activities and professional career development
  • exchange of experience and good practice among YUFE partners
  • familiarity with working in a different national context in terms of culture, rules and regulations

Types of Mobility & Training Activities

  • (Virtual) teaching assignment (lecture series, mini-courses)
  • (Virtual and/or blended) training offers: workshops
  • (Virtual) Language Courses
  • Staff Training Days/Weeks
  • (Virtual) Job Shadowing/observation periods
  • Research projects, combined with a training or teaching offer

YUFE Staff Programme


  • Digital training offers are free of charge. In exceptional cases, small fees may be charged. Please read the programme information of the training offers for more information.
  • Mobility periods can be funded by Erasmus+ Staff Mobility (or other funding possibilities at home institutions). Please contact the Project Coordinators listed below for further information on Erasmus+ funding possibilities.

YUFE Staff Programme

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Vision and Strategy

Staff Development Policy

The main goal of staff development within the YUFE Alliance is to implement Charter and Code, to create a productive and inspiring work environment for all staff members, and to realise the vision of a European University. The Alliance strives to support and develop all staff members with regard to their knowledge, skills and talents and to empower all staff to build the YUFE university. In its Staff Development Policy, the YUFE partners identified shared views, challenges, and basic principles, both at the university and the YUFE level.

YUFE Staff Development Policy (PDF)

Diversity and Inclusivity Strategy

YUFE aims to become the reference model for a human-centered, open and inclusive European University that can strengthen Europe’s competitiveness and cohesion by closing the social gap. All partners commit to embrace the principles of diversity and inclusion. The YUFE Diversity and Inclusivity Strategy expresses the vision of YUFE partner institutions that is at the core of our identity. It is ambitious and challenging and requires all YUFE institutions to be open to change.  The strategy is accompanied by an action plan, which provides a flexible roadmap for institutional change and our YUFE Diversity and Inclusivity Glossary of Terms › , which facilitates a shared understanding of terms used in the strategy.

YUFE D&I Strategy (PDF)