Hybrid conference “Constructing Age for Young Readers: A multi-method approach to studying age and literature”

Age studies is a booming interdisciplinary research field, and one that has special relevance for children’s literature, a discourse that is defined by age and that often deals with processes of growing up and intergenerational relationships. In this talk, Vanessa Joosen presents an ERC project that shed light on the construction of age in various aspects related to children’s books. The team investigated the impact of the age of the author, the intended reader and the age of the real reader on the way children’s books are written and read. They used a combination of distant and close reading methods, as well as empirical research. Joosen will present these research methods and highlight the most important outcomes of the project. Click here to attend this event.

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Date:April 30th, 4.30 Paris time

Speaker: Vanessa Joosen, University of Antwerp

Location: Online Meeting & Campus Nation A608 at Sorbonne Nouvelle