Within the framework of the Graduate Track, students and early-stage researchers were given the opportunity to explore the various PhD programmes offered by the YUFE Alliance and were guided through some fundamental aspects that need to be considered before and after completing a PhD.

For this cause, a 3-day, on-line programme has been designed and recently delivered (8 – 10 November 2021), offering numerous sessions, specifically designed for this event by YUFE experts. Moreover, the contribution of our current PhD researchers provided a real, hands-on preview of PhD life.

The programme compiled of 12 sessions offering insights on various topics, such as: “What is a PhD and how does a PhD project look like?”, “PhD regulations and procedures at the YUFE universities”, “Selecting a research topic”, “Writing your research proposal: tips and tricks”, “Funding your PhD”, “Careers after the PhD”. The event was highly interactive as participants had the chance to attend and pose their questions to the presenters, split into groups according to their interests, mingle with PhD Students and excitedly compete in a prize quiz on ‘European Identity’.

A glimpse of a few PhD Students, who highlighted the second day of the event with their enthusiasm in sharing their experience, along with some of the YUFE colleagues who made this first edition a reality!

A step further

This on-line programme has been only the beginning. A second phase, currently under development, will follow within the next few months, where selected participants will engage in an intensive, practical programme, where they may start forming their proposal using a practical aid (PhD Canvas) under the guidance of experts, interact with mentors and peers, attend workshops, be consulted in grant writing and in pitching their proposal and even more.

Stay tuned!