Want to study at 10 universities at the same time? And create and broaden your learning path? Then apply to join YUFE!

Are you thinking to study abroad? How about studying at 10 young research-driven universities in Europe at the same time! Not only will you gain knowledge and experience in a multicultural environment but you can also enrich your curriculum with courses and skills training opportunities from other universities.

YUFE is in the process of creating a European University so that you can study at 10 universities simultaneously, thereby broadening your horizon. Not only does YUFE offer you an extensive selection of academic courses from 10 universities, either in English or the local language, you can enrich your curriculum even further by truly partaking in society. You can combine your academic endeavours with language and professional training courses, or take part in civic engagement opportunities such as community volunteering or Help Desks.

Besides offering you the chance to become a truly European citizen, YUFE offers you:

  • Academic courses in English
  • Academic courses in Croatian, German, Dutch, Finnish, French, Greek, Italian, Polish and Spanish
  • Language courses , tandems and cafes
  • Civic engagement activities such as YUFE Help Desks for student health, immigration, entrepreneurs, digital skills support and many more; a chance to live at a reduced cost with local residents through the YUFE@Home Initiative; or working with migrants and refugees or on sustainable trade a.o. through the YUFE Community Volunteering Programme
  • Professional training activities in which you solve real social, scientific and technological challenges in the YUFE Challenge Teams or Hackatons; learn from the best entrepreneurs through the YUFE Entrepreneurial Initiative and by joining the interactive Talk Shows
  • Get credit for your extracurricular activities through the YUFE Star System with the Mobility Star, Language Star, Civic Star and Professional Star
  • YUFE Academy Lectures
  • YUFE Induction Courses

Sounds too good to be true? Want to see our concrete offerings so far? Have a browse on the YUFE Website › or take a sneak peak at the YUFE Student Portal › on the Virtual Campus.

The next call for enrolment onto the YUFE Student Journey will be announced soon. You can find the application requirements already on our website ›. Whilst we’re still in our pilot phase we can only have a limited number of students per university. Therefore start accumulating your thoughts and documents already and follow us on social media so not to miss the registration period!