Carve your own exchange path with YUFE 

So tell us… Do you seek to carve your own educational path? Are you eager to determine your next steps while crossing the borders of cultures and educational disciplines? Are you ready to expand not just your intellect but also your skills, social connections, and learning experiences?


Map it out!  

Join YUFE on a voyage along ten young European universities, where we invite you to tailor your exclusive exchange journey. We will keep you from getting lost in pre-set programmes or fixed courses. Instead, we enable you to choose your curriculum from over 600 programmes, ranging from academic courses to language learning, skills training, civic engagement activities, internships, and more. You decide whether to join them online or onsite.


Online Open Days

YUFE allows you to explore and expand your areas of interest, enabling you to engage with students, regions, companies, and communities across Europe. To tell you all about how we do that, our YUFE Representatives welcome you to our Online Open Days. Besides getting to know each other better, we explain how to prepare for your application. You will also receive guidance on the various offers and possibilities of the YUFE Student Journey.

You will be all set to apply during the spring application period, running from 2 April to 24 May 2024.

Register below to meet up during the Online Open Days. 

21 February 2024 11:00-13:00cet 

21 March 2024 11:00-13:00cet 

16 April 2024 11:00-13:00cet 

13 May 2024 11:00-13:00cet 


See you soon!