Tasa from Maastricht University, along with Ana and Pablo from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Jule from Bremen University, and Jannat and Jeison from University of Eastern Finland, emerged as the victors in the 2nd edition of the YUFEthon, held online during October 6th and 7th.

The YUFEthon is a dynamic online event that brings participants together for an intensive 20-hour, two-day brainstorming session dedicated to finding innovative solutions to specific challenges. These participants collaborate in small groups within an environment designed to foster creative thinking, leading to the generation of novel concepts and groundbreaking ideas.

Tasa, Ana, Pablo, Jule, Jannat, and Jeison came together as a team after a team-building session, united by their shared enthusiasm for exploring groundbreaking solutions to the challenge titled “Development of Emotional Spheres.” Their focus was on addressing the issue of loneliness among young people in their late teens and early twenties.

Following rigorous and focused work, the team presented their project before the YUFEthon jury, composed of representatives from Essex University, Antwerp University, and UC3M. The jury was highly impressed with the remarkable progress the team achieved in just 48 hours, noting the team’s excellence in research, innovative approach to the target demographic, and their well-articulated solution. The team exhibited outstanding clarity and effective communication skills.

As the winners, Tasa, Ana, Pablo, Jule, Jannat, and Jeison have earned a golden ticket to the new YUFE incubation program. This opportunity allows them to continue their work on the project and meet their fellow participants in person at an onsite event in Madrid in June 2024.

The YUFEthon nurtures the Alliance´s approach for  ”Entrepreneurship and Innovation” and  “Community and Civic Engagement.” For this second edition, the challenge questions were proposed by municipalities located in the regions where the YUFE universities are based. At the beginning of the YUFEthon, participants form their teams and subsequently work in small groups to progress through understanding the problem, defining and ideating solutions, shaping their value propositions, and ultimately building the solution. The YUFEthon is an integral part of the Entrepreneurship Training activities that pave the way for a YUFE Professional Star.