The YUFE programme offers students the possibility to broaden their horizons. A network of ten young European Universities allows them to take courses all over Europe, volunteer and develop professional skills. Take Marina Martin Blanco, who is currently living in Germany and following classes all over Europe. She hopes the programme will work as a stepping stone towards her future goals.

Are you interested in joining YUFE, this season’s application period runs from 12 September – 30 October 2022. Check out the YUFE website for more information.

Marina is from Spain, where she is doing a dual bachelor’s in Law and Business Administration at Carlos III University in Madrid. Even though this is already a rather challenging degree, it wasn’t quite enough for her. That’s why, once she read about the programme in a university newsletter, she didn’t hesitate to sign up for YUFE. “I was curious about this multicultural programme, so I immediately checked out the YUFE website. That quickly convinced me to apply.”

YUFE opens doors

Perhaps the main reason for Marina to join the YUFE Student Journey, was the ability to develop skills she might need later on in life. “It’s exciting to work on my skills. By developing business skills and learning a new language, I can apply for a position at EU institutions,” she says.

As part of the YUFE programme, she has already participated in a number of activities that might help her reach this goal. “This semester, I follow two extra courses: Global Justice at the University of Antwerp, and Attractiveness on the Labour Market at Copernicus University in Poland.” Marina also attended YUFE academy lectures on entrepreneurship, banking and well-being. And her journey doesn’t end there: “I’m also planning to start a French language course soon.”

Exchange: both physical and online!

The YUFE network of universities allows students to study all over Europe. The advantages of online courses are obvious: travelling is no longer necessary to study in various countries simultaneously. It’s good to know however, that there is still the option to go abroad, just like Marina did. “I am very grateful to be able to do all this. By meeting international students, both on a physical exchange and online, I get to explore new ideas and share knowledge. It’s extraordinary!”

Motivating and helpful

Shaping your own degree might seem like a lot of work, but Marina says it’s made easier by the way YUFE helps students. “They are very easy to get in touch with. Whenever I have questions, they are always willing to help out and find the right answer,” she says. The same goes for other students she is in touch with. “We keep each other posted in several WhatsApp groups. That way, we can offer support when anyone has an issue related to classes, wants to apply to new YUFE courses, or share and discuss new lecture talks and other activities we can attend.”

Find out everything about the YUFE Student Journey right here on our website. Come aboard, and get access to a world of possibilities!