We have warmly welcomed our new YUFE students who are starting their YUFE Student Journey. More than 200 new students from ten partner European universities have begun their YUFE adventure towards excellence and we couldn’t be more delighted to have them onboard.

The YUFE Meet & Greet was attended by 160 people from all over Europe. Although often hundreds of miles apart, together they started their educational journey at our pioneering European university. Our Meet & Greet host Jagoda Frost, who is a student of the YUFE Student Journey herself since December 2020, explained how the YUFE Student Journey not only enriched her academically and professionally, but also allowed her to meet a lot of amazing people. This YUFE Meet & Greet was also another step towards our international YUFE community and hopefully a good grounding to build life-lasting ties.

Apart from students, representatives from each of ten universities also took part in the event, allowing participants the opportunity to socialize as well as learn more about our academic partners and the YUFE Star System. It is  important to YUFE to ensure our students can rely on YUFE staff to guide them and support them through the whole Student Journey.

Above all, the YUFE Meet & Greet contributed to the awakening of a sense of belonging within the Alliance – spreading awareness that together we are creating a new model of higher education.  As Dr Daniela Trani, the Director of YUFE emphasised during her welcome speech, this is the journey that we build together with our students, that is precisely why we are so glad to welcome them on the team!