“Meeting people from other countries made me realize that we have similar ambitions and worldviews.” – Silvia Benito Martinez

Starting today, you can apply for the YUFE Student Journey! A unique opportunity to be enrolled in many European universities, where you can follow academic courses in English or the local language.

“You can build your own programme: it is up to you to decide which courses you want to follow”, Silvia Benito Martinez explains. She highly recommends students to participate in the programme. “In today’s world it is important to open your mind to new experiences and other cultures. That helps build an exchange system of knowledge that constructs you as a dynamic and empathic professional.”

↪️ Find the answers to all your questions in the FAQ on our website or apply via the YUFE Virtual Campus. This year’s application period lasts from 4-24 April. Make sure you seize the opportunity!