Endless possibilities
Opportunities that go beyond your degree? This is exactly what YUFE has to offer, no cost required! Nine young universities from different parts of Europe together put up a catalogue of lectures, courses, training and other activities. Learn languages, work on your entrepreneurial skills and gain international experience without leaving your house, thanks to virtual mobility. However, if you’d rather move to another country to broaden your horizons, YUFE makes it possible. Have you not yet decided on a destination? Try our blended mobility – travel to one of the universities and sign up for on line courses at others.

For YUFE Student Sara Khalal el Achhab, it’s all about taking charge of your curriculum: “YUFE is great since you can be flexible with your schedule, and there is a lot to choose from!”

YUFE Open Days 
The Young Universities for the Future of Europe-alliance is all about giving students access to a broad network of European knowledge. Our universities open their doors to those who want to make the most of their studies. Choose subjects for yourself, be in charge of your qualifications and decide what courses to pursue. No number of courses is too big!

Interested in joining? The call for applications runs from 3 April – 26 May 2023.

During the online YUFE OPEN DAY on 9 May from 11:00-13:00 CET we will inform you about the YUFE Student Journey application period (3 April – 26 May 2023) and about the multiple opportunities YUFE has to offer you.