Update 27 August, 2020:

Due to the overwhelming success of the YUFE Introduction Offer we unfortunately can no longer accept applications from students from most YUFE Universities, as both the registration and waiting lists are already full.
Students from the University of Antwerp, Nicolaus Copernicus University and University of Cyprus can still apply for an actual seat or for the waiting list until 15 September 2020 or until those seats are filled up too. 
But have no fear – YUFE has many more exciting opportunities in the near future. More information on that will come soon. Stay up to date by following our social media channels and the YUFE Website! 

We are extremely happy to announce that, thanks to the hard work of all colleagues and students involved, the first YUFE courses will start in August 2020. 

As a European University Alliance brought to life to, amongst others, enhance connection and cooperation between students, staff, businesses, policy makers and citizens of Europe through mobility, the Covid-19 pandemic has really made us think hard about the way ahead. Thankfully, right from the start, YUFE had already put a big emphasis on blended and online learning and mobility, as we always believed that both would be extremely important to make an international study, working and living experience possible for all rather than developing yet another framework for the happy few.

By continuing all of our endeavours virtually through the YUFE Virtual Campus, an online platform that will virtually connect citizens, students, staff and businesses all over Europe, YUFE brings Europe to your home. You can still study or work abroad, despite any restrictions on movement. You can still collaborate across Europe with businesses, staff, students, citizens and policy makers on the YUFE Challenge Teams. You can still help local communities through the YUFE Helpdesk or any other volunteering opportunities. YUFE brings Europe to you, so you can continue shaping our society and your future.

On 22 July 2020, YUFE will open its virtual doors to see what the YUFE Introduction Offer entails. As the name already reveals, the YUFE Introduction Offer, is a teaser of what YUFE can offer to students and (lifelong) learners. Through the YUFE Introduction Offer, up to 100 students (already registered at a YUFE university as second year bachelor or above) can take a maximum of two online YUFE academic courses and one online YUFE language course. This sneak peek into YUFE Student Journey can be a stand-alone activity or represent a stepping-stone into the more complete YUFE Diploma Supplement Track.

With the YUFE Introduction Offer, you will be one of the very first students at a European University and you will contribute to the pioneering work towards building an international higher education for all!

As of 29 July 2020, visit www.yufe.eu to apply for this YUFE Introduction Offer before 15 September 2020!

Please check the individual courses for the specific deadlines and start dates.

You are not allowed to participate in an online YUFE course or YUFE activity from your own university. 

Please check with your programme director/committee whether the YUFE courses will be recognised in your programme as an elective for the ECTS specified. If this is not the case, you can still take the relevant course as an extracurricular activity.

For some courses there might be online activities that require participation on certain dates and hours. You will be informed later about those specific learning activities on scheduled time slots in order to identify possible conflicts with other courses and to react accordingly.

Please see the YUFE Course Catalogue below: