The YUFE programme offers students the possibility to broaden their horizons. A network of ten young European Universities allows them to take courses all over Europe, volunteer and develop professional skills. Adeniran Adewoye is currently enjoying his YUFE journey. The cross-border programme which he tailored to fit his needs exactly, will help him reach his academic goals.

Adeniran started his academic career in his home country, Nigeria. He came to Finland in 2020 to study Learning, Teaching, and Counselling in an Intercultural Context. Through YUFE, he went on an exchange to Cyprus, where he is currently taking courses. Not all of those are at the University of Cyprus. “I am enrolled for classes in Cyprus and took three cross-border courses at the Croatian University of Rijeka. These are all part of my degree in Finland, but thanks to YUFE I get this mind-boggling experience of encountering the various learning traditions in these countries”, says Adeniran. He first heard about the YUFE student journey from his study coordinator in Finland. “I browsed the YUFE website and was fascinated about the opportunity to pick your own courses and follow them at different universities throughout Europe.”

A perfect fit
The reason behind Adeniran’s choice to join the YUFE programme is twofold. “First of all, I wanted to mix with people from different backgrounds. I was looking for new skills and knowledge and to expand my horizon. You don’t get that from a regular classroom. Secondly, you can pick your own courses when taking part in the YUFE programme. This means that I can pick exactly what I need to develop my professional skills.” Adeniran’s degree focuses on learning methods, which is why he is so keen on taking courses in different countries: “It’s great for people our age to develop collaborative learning. This means we learn from each other while working together.”

Learning with a mission
After his studies, Adeniran hopes to make an impact by working with refugees. He believes his YUFE experiences will help him do so. “In my future work, I’ll need many of the skills I am currently developing. By trusting and engaging with people, I hope to be able to better understand what others need to reach their potential.” He sees challenges for refugees for whom education can prove helpful to find their way in Europe. “The aspect of identity in education is important to me. Migrants are often split between their new European identity and their country of birth. I’d like to help them find the right balance through education.”

Lots to choose from
To Adeniran, the reasons for joining are clear. He encourages others to take part as well. “You can pick your curriculum, which means you can shape your own education.” There is more to the programme than academic courses. The YUFE-stars programme offers students the opportunity to work on civic engagement, meet local people, and build communities. “The stars programme is not only valuable for others but rewarding for yourself as well.” Adeniran has thus grabbed every opportunity the YUFE programme has to offer, taking courses in several countries at once while working on his professional skills and giving back to the local community.

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