YUFE, the Young Universities for the Future of Europe Alliance led by Maastricht University, was honored to discuss the added value of our student-centred, innovative and flexible educational offer directly with Minister Dijkgraaf during his visit to Maastricht University on 23 May. YUFE students, Jagoda Frost and Tim Dings, shared their experience with choosing academic courses at other universities within the Alliance and the exciting opportunities YUFE offers to them in creating their personalized European curricula in a flexible way.

Foto: Philip Driessen 

Minister Dijkgraaf loved learning about the experience of YUFE students first hand and congratulated the team for the efforts YUFE is undertaking to unlock European education and opportunities in the Netherlands. YUFE offers an innovative way of studying in Europe which adds to other international contacts and opportunities Maastricht University already has in place. YUFE allows for flexible learning, including skills training opportunities across Europe, while simultaneously building research collaboration and setting up training formats to early career researchers. YUFE will have the opportunity to follow-up on the visit of Minister Dijkgraaf with advisors of his ministry during a discussion with other European University Alliances in The Hague on Monday, 30 May 2022.