Within the framework of the postdoc programme, it is possible to research as a postdoc at several YUFE partner institutions. The first postdocs started their research activities at various locations this autumn. Applications for the second round are open until December 10, 2021.

Young researchers from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, University of Antwerp, University of Bremen, University of Cyprus, University of Eastern Finland, and the University of Rijeka presented their projects in the YUFE focus area of “European Identity and Responsibilities in a Global World” to interested expert groups at the opening meeting in Bremen. These were mostly presented via Zoom call from the YUFE partner institutions. The academic programme was rounded off with lectures by Professor Gralf-Peter Calliess of the University of Bremen and Dr Paola Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco of the University of Essex.

Focus on Professional Exchange and Personal Encounters

“We are very pleased to welcome the first cohort of YUFE postdocs to a launch meeting at the University of Bremen,” said Professor Eva-Maria Feichtner, Vice President International and Diversity at the University of Bremen. “Together with the postdocs, we are laying the foundations for successful research careers and for a research network on the topic of ‘European Identity’ within the YUFE Alliance.”

“The event was very well organised,” said Dr Nicholas Mouttotos, who started out as a postdoc at the University of Bremen. “It gave us all ample time for reflection on our research projects with colleagues from different disciplines, but also to grapple with the topic of European identity in their respective fields. The highlight of the event for me was the interesting conversations that we had on European identity and on promoting YUFE’s goals in order to realise the goal of creating a European University.”

 Applications for the YUFE Postdoc Programme Are Now Open

Postdoctoral positions are open to researchers with a doctorate. The programme aims to provide researchers who are at an early stage of their career with excellent research conditions, targeted mentoring, tailor-made career development offers, as well as the opportunity to help shape one of the first European universities. The programme thus promotes the networking of the YUFE Alliance universities and the creation of interdisciplinary networks of experts on the YUFE focus topics.

The current call for applications in the second round of the YUFE Postdoc Programme on the focus topic of “Citizens‘ Wellbeing” can be found at: Offene Stellen – Universität Bremen (uni-bremen.de). The deadline for applications is December 10, 2021.

Front Row: (from left) Enkhsaruul Brito, University of Bremen, Dr Dominika Proszowska, University of Antwerp, Rodrigo Bueno Lacy, University of Eastern Finland, Maria Cristina Manzetti, University of Cyprus

Back Row: Florian Gabriel Serbu, University of Rijeka, Dr Nadine Rossol, University of Essex, Nicholas Mouttotos, University of Bremen, Dr Marko Pietilä, University of Eastern Finland, Prof. Eva-Maria Feichtner, Vice President Internation and Diversity at the University of Bremen, Plamen Akaliyski, Carlos III University, Madrid.

Copyright: Matej Meza/ Universität Bremen