“Get to meet students from many different countries who share a common feeling: we are European and we want to grow a stronger bond.” – Eveline van Eerd

Join the YUFE Student Journey and shape your own degree. You will be able to study in different countries, take language courses and engage with students from all over Europe. Want to find out more about the possibilities? Explore YUFE’s website and social media to read about personal experiences and what to expect during the YUFE Student Journey.  The application period for enrollment in the YUFE Student Journey runs from 12 September until 30 October 2022!

During the online OPEN DAY on 12 September or 11 October from 11:30-13:30cest we will inform you about the YUFE Student Journey application period (12 September until 30 October 2022) and about the multiple opportunities YUFE has to offer you.