The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new risks to workers’ health, both physical and mental. For that reason, YUFE Staff Journey has decided to focus on the theme “Employees’ Wellbeing” under the umbrella of the YUFE’s second focus area “Citizens’ wellbeing”.

What to expect?

A series of online lectures, activities and inspiring workshops related to “Employees’ Wellbeing”, organised by all 10 YUFE academic partners.

The topics that will be covered on 1  and 2 December 2021 are:

  • Making Antwerp University an attractive place to work
  • Supporting early career researchers on the institute level – before, during and after the pandemic
  • Mental Health Strategies for Employees
  • Practices that promote work-life balance
  • How we work at Essex: developing people to support the delivery of our strategic ambitions
  • Recovery workshop
  • Mindfulness at Work: Wellbeing of Employees
  • Workers’ health in the third millennium
  • Well-being of students, Ph.D. students and employees of NCU in Poland and supporting them by University Centre for Support and Personal Development
  • Measuring wellbeing
  • Multi-location work at the University of Eastern Finland

On the 3rd of December, the University of Essex will chair the Employee’s Wellbeing Roundtable. The aim of the event is to share with colleagues how institutions have implemented their wellbeing programmes from an internal perspective, to provide inspiration and advice to other universities.

All interested YUFE students, staff and citizens are invited to participate in this three-day learning experience.

For more details, please visit the YUFE website (//, and follow the registration link to the event(s) you wish to attend.