Join us for a BioYUFE webinar on the topic of Research Networks on 19 March 2024 at 16-17:30h CET:

Prof. Matthew Nielsen (University of Bremen) and Dr Martin Wilkes (University of Essex) will lead a discussion on how to set up research networks and the opportunities they provide for successful research.

In this webinar event, Martin will look back at some examples of successful and less successful collaborative research projects from his own portfolio, attempting to draw upon his experiences to provide some advice for those thinking of setting up a new research network.

Matthew will illustrate that ecology can vary on a continental scale and discuss why this is important to understand. He will then explain why he believes members of the YUFE Alliance are exceptionally well placed to network and coordinate continental-scale comparative research.

These webinars provide an open forum for discussion and comments and questions from all participants are most welcome.


Following up from this BioYUFE Webinar, the next one is scheduled for Monday, 3 June 2024 at 16-17:30h CET on the topic of Interdisciplinarity. Speakers include Liliane Campos (University of Sorbonne-Nouvelle, France) and Bruno Hoste (University of Antwerp, Belgium).