Last week we welcomed our new cohort of 241 YUFE Students during out YUFE Meet & Greet.

The YUFE Meet & Greet provides new students all the relevant information about YUFE and the various opportunities it has to offer. The new YUFE Students also had the opportunity to talk to their peers and get to know all universities within the Alliance. It was a great event to strengthen and foster the YUFE Community!

With this new batch YUFE has met another important milestone of having over 500 students enrolled in the YUFE Student Journey! We are very happy that so many students decided to join YUFE and be a part of the YUFE experience.

We have asked two YUFE students about their intentions to apply for the YUFE Student Journey and their motivations for their upcoming months.

Why did you choose to be part of the YUFE Student Journey?

Coming from a background of being half Indian and half German, I learned the importance of cross-border and cross-cultural understanding. However in a traditional university setting, this pans only so far. YUFE enables this opportunity to learn simultaneously at various educational institutions across Europe, in a way feasible to everyone. Hence allowing me to embark on a journey with a strong emphasis on a pan-European problem-solving attitude. ~Manisha Bieber, Maastricht University

Personally, I wanted to join the YUFE Student Journey so that I could become part of a highly motivated European student community that bridges students from all over the continent. ~Nils Hansen, Maastricht University

What your hopes are with your YUFE Student Journey?

Having the goal of serving European Institutions, I consider YUFE as instrumental in preparing me in my endeavour of taking a much wider approach, being able to better recognize local understandings and regional apprehensions and create a more suitable framework for issues to be taken care of. ~Manisha Bieber, Maastricht University

I hope to acquire through YUFE a personal and professional background to pursue a career in an international environment. The physical mobility offered by YUFE will be an excellent starting point for this personal development. ~Nils Hansen, Maastricht University

If you want to join the next cohort, stay tuned on our website or on our social media platforms where we will announce the deadlines for the fall cohort.