YUFE warmly welcomed 375 new students who joined the YUFE Student Journey in November. These students all come from different academic degree programmes from within our ten partner universities yet share the ambition to enrich their degree with courses and activities from across the YUFE Alliance. With YUFE, they will have the opportunity to self-design parts of their learning path.

On November 30th, an online YUFE Meet and Greet was organised to welcome the new YUFE students and to familiarise them with everything YUFE has to offer. While enriching their educational and professional learning path, YUFE students will also be able to meet other students and different regions in Europe, which will stimulate their international communication skills and prepare them for a diverse worldwide labour market.

Since 2020, YUFE enrolled over 1.400 students from different academic degree programmes. Through YUFE, students are able to tailor their course selection, and align their academic journey with their individual interests. On average, YUFE students take 5.3 courses across Europe throughout their YUFE Student Journey and go to 3.1 different universities for these courses or activities. This is also what YUFE distinguishes from other offers, here students decide how and where they wish to enrich their academic degree. And, there is plenty to choose from, with the combined offer of academic courses for academic year 21/22 and 22/23 delivered through YUFE as an example; over 1.200 courses.

Welcome new YUFE Students, we wish you an amazing YUFE experience!