The past three years have proved to be a rewarding challenge for YUFE. Following the news in July 2022 that YUFE, as one of currently 44 European Universities, will continue to receive funding from the EU after the end of its pilot phase, the Staff Journey Work Package met in Bremen from 24 – 25 November 2022 for one final General Meeting prior to the start of the second project phase. For the meeting, 26 colleagues came together to discuss the transitional period between both phases, to celebrate and share the achievements and best practices through presentations of the individual mini groups, while also connecting the Staff Journey to the satellite projects of YUFERING (current) and YUFE4Postdocs (upcoming) as well as the new Approach to Doctoral and Postdoctoral Training Work Package.

Since this work package has only met once in person towards the beginning of YUFE and colleagues have left or started anew since, it was time to meet and greet each other face-to-face again and wrap up the pilot phase together. Facing the pandemic with various series’ of online meetings, we were happy to be in one room together again. The atmosphere was excited and cheerful which was reflected both during the meeting but also during the breaks and social events such as the visit to the Christmas Market and a dinner in the city. As one of the main outcomes of the meeting, expedient communication has been highlighted as one of the most significant elements for the next project phase.

Group picture: Colleagues involved in WP4, YUFERING, YUFE4Postdocs, and the new WP6