With another 184 students joining YUFE in June, we are very happy to have over 1.000 students taking the opportunity to enrich their degree. With YUFE, students can enrich or top up their academic degree programme with free courses and activities across Europe. It’s the students who decide for themselves which courses to take and where to take them.

Students enrolled in the YUFE Student Journey take on average 5.3 courses/activities across Europe throughout their YUFE journey. On average, they go to 3.1 other universities across Europe for these activities/courses (other than their home university). YUFE can be an opportunity to enrich within a discipline or be that chance to look beyond a discipline. We see that some students use YUFE to take up courses that are in line with their degree programme whereas others decide to go beyond their own discipline and choose other courses or activities that either interest them or help them become better equipped for the labour market. With on average around 600 academic courses listed across our partner universities, open and available to YUFE students, students have lots to choose from.