YUFE offers students the possibility to broaden their horizons,to choose from courses run by professors from the whole alliance. And not just academic lectures but also language classes, professional skills training- and civic engagement opportunities. Our network of young European partner universities allows you to take courses all over Europe, volunteer and develop professional skills.

Exchange: both physical and online!
The YUFE alliance allows students to study all over Europe. The advantages of online courses are obvious: travelling is no longer necessary to study in various countries simultaneously. It’s good to know however, that there is still the option to go abroad, just like Marina did. “I am very grateful to be able to do all this. By meeting international students, both on a physical exchange and online, I get to explore new ideas and share knowledge. It’s extraordinary!” Marina Martin Blanco, YUFE Student.

Motivating and helpful
Shaping your own degree might seem like a lot of work, but Marina says it’s made easier by the way YUFE helps students. “They are very easy to get in touch with. Whenever I have questions, they are always willing to help out and find the right answer,” she says. The same goes for other students she is in touch with. “We keep each other posted in several WhatsApp groups. That way, we can offer support when anyone has an issue related to classes, wants to apply to new YUFE courses, or share and discuss new lecture talks and other activities we can attend.”

↪️ Read more about the possibilities YUFE has to offer. The application round for YUFE has now opened, from 3 April – 26 May 2023!