Student Niki So at the University of Eastern Finland is happy to share her YUFE experience:

I am doing a Master’s in Clinical Linguistics. I spent last and this semester at the University of Eastern Finland, where I first came across YUFE. I began my YUFE journey by signing up for a community volunteering activity, where I was put in touch with the Finnish Red Cross and organised a bi-weekly Multicultural Café. YUFE was the perfect balance to my studies, which was purely academic, because it gave me the opportunity to engage in a practical, tangible, and meaningful activity.

I enjoy YUFE particularly because you tailor your own journey – what you do or do not take part in is entirely up to you, and you can take as many or as few courses and activities that you would like. It is also great that YUFE is not only academic, and while there are several interesting academic courses on offer, you also have the opportunity to develop your professional, linguistic, and community-involvement skills.

This differentiates YUFE from any other study programmes, because I find that it is well-rounded and customisable. Of course, you also become a part of the YUFE network and alliance and this puts you in touch with YUFE staff and students from many other European universities! I met many people I can continuously learn from. You also become part of a project that works towards a more inclusive and united Europe, which shapes your perspective on your role in the society you live in. I would definitely recommend getting involved, even in small ways, because this has been so fulfilling for me.

YUFE allowed me to find meaning and balance during my studies and gave me the opportunity to be part of a project that contributes to a more cooperative and united Europe!

Seize the opportunity to enrich your degree and sign up to YUFE by 3 November latest. Explore YUFE’s website and social media to read about experiences and what to expect.