Following its integration into the YUFE Alliance earlier this year, Sorbonne Nouvelle is thrilled to announce the addition of a diverse range of courses to the YUFE Virtual Campus. These courses will be available to all YUFE students starting from the second semester of the 2023-2024 academic year. With a strong emphasis on language, literature, and European studies, these offerings provide an exciting opportunity for students to enhance their academic journey.

French Language

One of the highlights of this partnership is the inclusion of French language classes at all levels. YUFE students will have the chance to immerse themselves in the French language, whether they are beginners or advanced learners. These courses will not only facilitate communication and integration into the vibrant French culture but also open up doors to future academic and professional opportunities.

English literature and civilization

In addition to language courses, Sorbonne Nouvelle is offering academic classes in English literature and civilization. Students will have the chance to explore the works of influential authors, dive into literary analysis, and gain a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural contexts that shaped English literature.

European studies

European studies is another key area of focus in Sorbonne Nouvelle’s course offerings. These courses will allow students to delve into the complexities of European history, politics, culture, and economics. By examining topics such as European integration, identity, and transnational cooperation, students will gain valuable insights into the multifaceted nature of the European continent.

Open Lectures

Sorbonne Nouvelle is also pleased to offer open lectures in Linguistics and Latin American Studies. These lectures provide an opportunity for YUFE students to expand their horizons and explore topics beyond their primary areas of study. By engaging with experts in the field, students will have the chance to broaden their academic perspectives and foster interdisciplinary connections.

Further information

For further information or any inquiries, interested students are encouraged to contact Sorbonne Nouvelle at: We are very much looking forward to welcoming YUFE students to this new offer as of next year!