“Universities in other countries do things differently. That’s very exciting.” – Pablo Barquin Soria, YUFE student.

Beyond academics 
Different approaches to education and different study experiences are at the grasp of your palm. Sing up for YUFE Student Journey programme and change your perspective by adding new knowledge and competencies. For your future employment academic education is important, but it isn’t the only thing that matters. Moreover, today’s labor market values individuals that during their learning time develop also entrepreneurial skills or civic engagement involvement. Add to that ability to communicate in a few languages and you have a recipe for success!

Free experiences 
Have we mentioned yet that YUFE offers it all for free? Pablo Barquin Soria is one of the YUFE students from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid that makes the most out of the opportunity to study languages with YUFE. “I started language courses in Finnish and Croatian, which would otherwise never be possible in my own country.” And there are possibilities far beyond just following a language course. “I can practice with native speakers and there are lots of ways to put your skills to use, like in a language café where people meet online to speak the language you’re trying to master.”

Sign up for the Open Days now! 
Are you a student at one of the partner universities and interested in joining YUFE? Sign up for the online OPEN DAY on 18 April 2023 or 9 May 2023. A next student application round for YUFE will be opened from 3 April – 26 May 2023, check out www.yufe.eu for more information.