‘I am more than grateful for this once in a lifetime experience. YUFE is an innovative academic network that offered me opportunities that enriched my academic and professional career in ways that I could not imagine.’ – Irene Mandani, YUFE Student.

Exchange possibilities 
With YUFE, students can easily experience an online exchange at another European university by taking one of their academic courses, rather than spending an entire semester at that university. Students can also choose to actually go on an exchange for a semester, or opt for a combination of onsite and online education, even at multiple different European partner universities at the same time. With YUFE you are the one in charge!

Courses from all disciplines 
You can select academic courses or activities that are in line with your own academic degree programme or use the opportunity to participate in courses that interest you but are not within your degree programme’s discipline. Or, you can do a combination of both. Besides academic courses, YUFE also offers language learning opportunities, activities through which you engage with local communities across Europe and trainings that help you develop your entrepreneurial skills. All of this at different universities across Europe, either onsite or online, and the best part is: you decide what you want to participate in!

And, once enrolled in any of the YUFE courses at one of the partner universities, you become part of its society and gain access to its infrastructure, such as the (online) library’s database. YUFE mobility, whether it is done in a virtual or physical way, also presents an excellent opportunity to get an insight into how subjects are taught elsewhere and how different ways of approaching subjects and different teaching methods can broaden your horizon.

Sign up for the Open Days now! 
Are you a student at one of the partner universities and interested in joining YUFE? Sign up for the online OPEN DAY on 18 April 2023 or 9 May 2023. A next student application round for YUFE will be opened from 3 April – 26 May 2023, check out www.yufe.eu for more information.