Within the Young Universities for the Future of Europe/YUFE, the biology, bioscience, and life science faculties of many of our partner universities have begun cooperating as “BioYUFE”. We have various plans for shared teaching, but the first of these, to launch in Academic Year 2023/2024, are shared elective courses.

This is a new, bottom-up spin-off under the YUFE umbrella where within a discipline, educational offers are being exchanged and timetables are being adjusted to allow students to benefit from elective courses elsewhere. The majority of the BioYUFE courses are held online and in English.  In many cases, these have been coordinated, so that they run on Friday afternoons. We are also requesting our home faculties that no physical teaching be conducted on Friday afternoons in masters programs, to help prevent timetable issues.


Most masters programs (and some undergraduate programs) in the faculties of BioYUFE allow students to take a certain number of elective (optional) courses per year. We would like to create a situation in which all BioYUFE students have the opportunity to take at least one of their elective courses per semester as an online/hybrid course from any BioYUFE faculty, have this course count towards their final degree program, and do so without time tabling issues. This is intended to allow our students maximum choice, including into subjects not commonly available at their home faculty, while also gaining experience working with students and staff internationally.

Any masters student registered at a YUFE University in a biology or life science related program is eligible to enrol for BioYUFE elective courses. The exact definitions of which programs count will be made by each partner University. Some courses will also be open to undergraduate students (2nd year or higher).

Explore the YUFE Virtual Campus to see the full course offer and get more information about BioYUFE.