Going on exchange is an exciting step in a student’s academic career, but consider the possibility that such an experience stretches beyond the boundaries of a single institution and could become a more personalised learning path?

The Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) Alliance offers you an incredible opportunity by providing access to an array of opportunities at ten thriving educational institutions across Europe. With YUFE, the excitement of exchange takes on new meaning as you create your own curriculum by selecting from a diverse range of academic and language courses, civic engagement activities, Professional training activities, thought-provoking YUFE Academy lectures, or even a YUFE Minor. YUFE allows you to immerse yourself in intriguing courses both physically, virtually, or via a blended method of delivery. If you want to push yourself intellectually and explore new horizons, YUFE may be an interesting opportunity for you.

Take your time to travel through the enormous possibility of the course catalogue. YUFE is a unique program with a horizon of possibilities. You only get the chance to participate in such a global, European project once in a lifetime.”

– Baudouin de Meulemeester, YUFE Student.

Are you curious about the potential of YUFE or want to know more about how to join? We would love to tell you more during one of our three online YUFE Open Days in 2023: 11 September, 18 October, and 30 October. During the YUFE Open Days, we will discuss the program, how to sign up, the admission requirements, the YUFE courses and the benefits of YUFE.

Already curious? You can read more about YUFE, its programme, application process, and requirements on the YUFE website: www.yufe.eu/students.

You can register for the online YUFE Open Days via the following links:

  1. Online Open Day – 11 September 11:00-13:00cet.
  2. Online Open Day – 18 October 11:00-13:00cet
  3. Online Open Day – 30 October 11:00-13:00cet


Interested in joining YUFE? The fall application period for students runs from 11 September3 November 2023. The online YUFE Open Days will help you understand what YUFE is truly about and what it can offer you, as well as what is needed to prepare for your application.