Interested in enriching your academic degree with courses and activities across Europe? Join YUFE! And the benefits? Plenty, as you can learn from Jagoda Frost’s story – YUFE and European Law School alumni. Jagoda participated in YUFE for two years and recently graduated from Maastricht University. Now she started her career as a Tax Consultant. Before parting, we took the opportunity to talk to Jagoda about her YUFE experience.

Why did you decide to join the YUFE Student Journey? 
The YUFE Student Journey has been an appealing project for me right from the start. The idea of being able to study at different European universities at the same time made me very curious and I wanted to try it out on my own. I was assured that it will grant me various additional interesting development possibilities outside of the ones that I could find at my home university. 

Just to name a few examples, I was able to learn German at the University of Bremen, broaden my knowledge in transfer pricing at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń and learn more about the social pillars of the EU at the University Carlos III of Madrid. I managed to finish seven academic courses, multiple lectures, one language course and challenge teams. 

YUFE has not only allowed me to develop as a student and to find my passion for tax law due to the various activities it offered. More importantly, I was able to broaden my horizons, to grow as a person but I was also able to meet tremendously inspiring people who shared the same passion and love for the vision of creating the first truly European University.

How was the YUFE Student Journey for you?
The YUFE Student Journey has been challenging but also very rewarding. Of course, it has not been easy to take additional courses on top of the curriculum from my home University. However, the hard work paid off, as I was able to gather over 200 ECTS within only 5 months. In addition, I met tremendously inspiring people and could broaden my knowledge in areas which would have not been covered as part of my curriculum. But thanks to YUFE, it all has been possible. Additionally, the possibility to learn other European languages was also an important part of my journey as a YUFE student.

Do you find the YUFE experience helpful at the start of your career?
Thanks to YUFE, I was able to take multiple courses in tax law and find that it is my passion and the area in which I want to work after graduating. In addition, participation in a YUFE Challenge Team allowed me to gain practical experience, be faced with a real-life problem and work on the solution to solve the issue. This has been an amazing opportunity as I was allowed to work in an interdisciplinary team with really amazing and helpful mentors.

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