Baudouin de Meulemeester is a dedicated student from Maastricht University who has embarked on an incredible academic journey with YUFE. Baudouin’s participation in this program has provided him with a remarkable opportunity to broaden his academic horizons and embrace an international lifestyle, fostering connections with peers from all corners of Europe. Through his experiences, Baudouin has gained a diverse academic background, delving into subjects beyond his initial field of study. To learn more about his YUFE Journey, we have taken the opportunity to interview him.


How did you become aware of YUFE?

I first heard about YUFE while I was talking with a friend, in class. Later I did some research and I saw the application announcement on my canvas. I believed it was a sign, and I immediately applied.

What where the reasons you decided to join YUFE?

I saw YUFE as an opportunity to have a divers academic background. It was the perfect opportunity to really interact with peers all over Europe and embrace the international-relations lifestyle. I also saw it as an opportunity to take courses that were not in the field that I was initially studying.

What have you studied during your YUFE Student Journey so far?

For the moment, I only had the opportunity to take online classes. I have studied Circular Economy as well as the Impacts of the intakes of technology and the internet on the law. These courses were really well organized and easy to follow. This is because they offer a unique, autonomous learning path.

Where you able to learn new skills during your YUFE Student Journey or work on particular skill(s) improvement(s)?

Yes, I believe that my intra-personal skills have improved. All the universities have different ways of examinations and this allows one to emphasise on research, writing or communication skills.

What is the best thing about the YUFE Student Journey?

The international and interdisciplinary approach as well as the cultural diversity.

Were there differences/similarities between studying in your home university and other YUFE universities?

Yes, the examinations were quite different. Also, the way to learn the course was interesting. The courses that I took at UEF (University of Eastern Finland), were more autonomous than here, in Maastricht.

What would you say to a person thinking about applying for the YUFE Student Journey?

Just go! Keep calm and apply. :-) There is no obligation to take a certain amount of ECTs. Take your time to travel through the enormous possibility of the course catalogue. YUFE is a unique program with a horizon of possibilities. You only get the chance to participate in such a global, European project once in a lifetime.

If you would have to choose three adjectives to describe your YUFE Student Journey, what would they be?                                                                                                                                                                      

Enriching, innovative, and collaborative.

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