The DIOSI project (Developing and Implementing hands-on training on Open Science and Open Innovation for Early Career Researchers) has been developed by the YUFE alliance (Young Universities for the Future of Europe).

The project on doctoral learning has received its review report from the European Research Executive Agency of the European Commission. As the end of the DIOSI project is only the beginning of the YUFE-DIOSI model for Doctoral Learning, we would like to share with you some comments on the project. In its overall assessment, the review commission finds that the project has delivered exceptional results with significant immediate or potential impact.

The following statements are drawn from the review report:

  • The DIOSI-model for doctoral training and “Train the Trainer” tools that were created and utilized are extremely valuable and relevant. Institutional-level roadmaps serve to facilitate the implementation of defined doctoral training programs and to enhance skills in open science, open innovation, and entrepreneurship. The innovative impact and graduate tracking framework provides a reliable approach for assessing and implementing such doctoral programs both within the consortium and beyond.
  • The training programs implemented have a significant impact in fostering entrepreneurial and innovative practices within the DIOSI consortium. DIOSI represents a distinctive effort to support the development and enhancement of specific abilities and expertise among scientists and PhD candidates, thereby enhancing employability and career progression.
  • The goals are extremely pertinent in aiding career progression both within and outside of academia. The provided training significantly enhances the ability to apply entrepreneurial abilities and innovative practices. DIOSI is an exceptional endeavor aimed at helping scientists and PhD students advance and enhance their specific skills and competencies, while also aiding in employability and career growth. The roadmap and impact framework utilized are exceedingly valuable and relevant instruments. Moreover, the newly developed assessment framework is highly inventive and offers a robust method to strategize, execute, and assess such initiatives not only at partner universities but also beyond.
  • The project management employed efficient and effective approaches to implementation, encompassing structures, deliverables, and internal communication among partners.
  • The fact that DIOSI will continue these efforts within the YUFE European University Alliance is a significant achievement.

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