The wide range of equality, diversity and inclusivity (ED&I) initiatives and projects taking place across the YUFE Alliance was discussed at a special event in Rome.

Tor Vergata University hosted the two-day conference where YUFE’s Diversity and Inclusivity team from across the Alliance met to share ideas and thoughts around improving ED&I within the partnership. The event started with the team discussing different ED&I projects that their institutions have been working on – ranging from an Inclusive Leadership Programme to the creation of a Gender Equality Plan to build an organisational culture of gender equality and diversity. Other projects explored creating a webinar series on how to create a more inclusive workplace as well as the creation of a survey for students and staff to gather information on how individuals are experiencing ED&I in different areas such as studying and teaching.


The team also took part in a workshop on privilege and critical diversity which focused on why it is important to talk about privilege as well as how privilege and power can lead to inequality. The team brainstormed what they can do within their work context to create a space for alternative, critical perspectives and experiences.

Thirteen innovative student-staff projects from across Europe secured funding from the YUFE D&I Grants initiative earlier this year. One of the successful projects Crossing gender boundaries: Young Universities for Female Empowerment –  gave a presentation at the conference, explaining how they hosted four different roundtables where students and staff collaborated to focus on different female gender issues.

Karen Bush, from the University Essex who is leading YUFE’s D&I team, said: “The conference was a great success and gave the team the opportunity to share ideas and policies and celebrate all the work that has been achieved so far. However, there is still lots to be done and the team left feeling motivated to continue YUFE’s great work in creating an inclusive environment for all.”