University of Bremen students Lea Elena Fischer and Jessica Winter are set to receive funding from YUFE’s D&I Grant programme for collaboration with the University of Antwerp on a joint project that focuses on diversity and inclusion. In total, 13 projects will be funded by students and staff from the YUFE Alliance.

Each YUFE Diversity & Inclusivity Grant, or D&I Grant, is funded by the network with up to 1200 euros available. Under the project title “Decolonizing the Curriculum”, the two women are planning a student roundtable with the University of Antwerp to be held online on May 31, 2022, 1:30 PM (CET). One of the speakers will be Professor Gloria Wekker from Utrecht University, who has already confirmed her participation.

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The processes of European colonization will be explored and discussed in this public event. “We talk a lot about European identities within YUFE,” explains Fischer. “But we also need to deal with the colonial backgrounds of our history. These still have an impact on the structures and curricula of European universities. Take the humanities, for example – most authors whose work we read are white and not very diverse. At the online roundtable, Fischer and Winter, together with a member of staff from the University of Antwerp, would like to invite experts on the topic with whom they and students can discuss and exchange ideas.

 “Doing more in everyday life to create more diverse and inclusive communities”

“Diversity and inclusivity are central to the YUFE Alliance and are core values for all members,” says Dr. Cassandra Ellerbe, who is responsible for this area of YUFE at the University of Bremen. The D&I program was created to find out how the alliance can further explore diversity and inclusion within the network.

George Apeitos, Vice Chair of the YUFE Student Forum at the University of Cyprus and one of the jury members for the D&I grants, said: “Diversity and inclusion has been one of the most important aspects of the YUFE Alliance right from the very beginning. All of us, but especially students, must be committed to more diverse and inclusive communities through our everyday attitudes,” he believes. Apeitos is now looking forward to implementing the 13 projects and thanks everyone involved for their support.

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Dr. Cassandra Ellerbe
YUFE – Diversity and Inclusion
University of Bremen