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YUFE Diversity & Inclusivity

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D&I and YUFE

YUFE has a vision for diversity and inclusivity. This vision is at the core of our identity. It is the foundation on which we are built; a tangible message and thread that runs through the heart and mind of our Alliance.

Our diversity and inclusivity vision is:

  • For all YUFE institutions to become, and be recognised as, leaders in diversity and inclusivity
  • For YUFE to be a place of positive and open discourse around diversity and inclusivity
  • For all YUFE institutions to have inclusive systems, structures, policies and procedures
  • For the diversity in society to be reflected at all levels of YUFE institutions
  • For all YUFE staff and students to be advocates for diversity and inclusivity and to inspire others to share the YUFE values
YUFE D&I Glossary (link)
YUFE D&I Strategy (PDF)
YUFE Code of Conduct (PDF)

For an overview of our D&I Strategy, see the video developed by members of the YUFE community!


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YUFE D&I Lecture Series

YUFE hosts a wide range of events which are open to everyone across the YUFE Alliance.

Among these is the YUFE D&I Lecture Series which promotes and celebrates D&I education and engagement across the YUFE community. We aim to showcase D&I in practice through speakers who are experts in their fields.

YUFE D&I lectures currently take place online and are open to all, with the target audience for each lecture specified in the details of each event.

Check out all the YUFE events, including the YUFE D&I Lecture Series, below.

YUFE D&I Grant

Thirteen innovative student-staff projects from across Europe have successfully secured funding from the YUFE Diversity and Inclusivity (D&I) Grants initiative.

Diversity and inclusivity is key to the YUFE Alliance (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) and a core value for all its members.

To explore how the Alliance could further explore diversity and inclusivity within YUFE, the D&I Grant scheme was launched to encourage innovative activities promoting diversity, inclusion and equity, in line with YUFE’s D&I promises and aims.

Find out more here about the 13 successful projects here: //bit.ly/3umyj8U/.

YUFE Diverse Perspectives Scheme

Coming soon