YUFE Academy

A series of open for all singular lectures and workshops happening at YUFE partner universities across Europe.

Join for free and participate online or on-site.

  • For you.
  • For people of all ages.
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  • For those with a thirst for knowledge.

About YUFE Academy 

YUFE wants to support people to develop their societies with proofed knowledge. Because of this we have created YUFE Academy, a series of lectures and workshops across Europe you can take part in from the comfort of your own couch or during your daily commute. A chance to learn in different languages and formats. Relying in the current scientific knowledge, especially in the 4 YUFE focus areas: 

  • European identity and responsibilities in a global world,  
  • Citizens’ well-being,  
  • Digital societies and  
  • Sustainability. 

The YUFE Academy activities happen through the whole academic year. The current offer is displayed in the YUFE Virtual Campus. However two main editions are organised around international events that align with YUFE mission, one in a fall term and one in a spring term: 

  • European Researchers’ Night in September 
  • Europe Day in May 

See what you can do in May 2024

To attend the activities registration in YUFE Virtual Campus is required!


How to register 

To register go to the YUFE Virtual Campus. You do not need an YUFE account for registering for the YUFE Academy lectures, However, having an account allows you to track your activities, and easily find details of the courses you’ve enrolled onto.  When assisting virtually, the link will be shared with you in the e-mail, and displayed on the courses section in your account, just beneath the activity’s name.  

You can browse the whole offer once you click ‘Explore YUFE courses’ button on the main page and then choose YUFE Academy Lectures category.  

To create an account, follow the instructions in the Virtual Campus, then log in again, and register for the chosen activity. Once you’ve done it you should receive a confirmation e-mail.  

If the lecture/workshop is listed as a hybrid one, it means that participants can attend either on-site or online. 

The links to the virtual activities are visible in the account details and sent to registered participants via e-mail.  

If you’re a teacher willing to participate onsite with your class, please reach out to the contact person at a hosting University. 

If you face any difficulties with the registration process please reach out to the contact person at a hosting University. 

See the contact list for hosting universities


Lecturers, Speakers 

Join the YUFE Academy as a speaker and step beyond your typical lecture hall experience. Seize the unique opportunity to connect with a diverse, international, and enthusiastic audience. Share the expertise on a broader platform, and maybe even discover new perspectives, ideas, and possibilities!
Contact the YUFE Academy organiser at the chosen university for further details 

See the contact list for hosting universities

YUFE Academy contact list

University   Name Email
University of Bremen  Philipp Baur @
Maastricht University  Aude Frost @
Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń  Anna Kuczborska @
University of Antwerp  Jan Dries @
University of Eastern Finland  Katinka Käyhkö @
University of Cyprus  Ioustini Pilidi   @
University of Rijeka  Ana Tomasko  @
Universidad Carlos III De Madrid  Luis González  @
University of Essex  Nilufer Demirkan-Jones  @
Université Sorbonne Nouvelle  Elisabeth Lacroix 



Catch a glimpse of past events at the YUFE Academy Archive.

See what you can do in May 2024

To attend the activities registration in YUFE Virtual Campus is required!

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